Spring Break 2013


Spring already? Wasn’t January just yesterday? There is no true winter here, but trees around us signify the change: the flowers have all fallen from the Orchid trees and now the Silver Trumpets are like yellow Truffulas and the Jacarandas are just starting to offer us their lavender-purple blooms. The slippery months pass like weeks, weeks like days, and I haven’t updated Finn’s garden in — what? — a quarter of a year. No photos of Finn as ring-bearer in two family weddings, no Valentine’s poem to my heart-of-heart, no pictures of his St. Patty’s hat or latest artistic creations, nothing about his love of counting as high he can or his increasing hatred of bedtime, “the worst time.”

At the very least, with a bit of down time today, I must store away, secure, protect a few moments of our recent end-of-March Spring Break.

Finn spent some of his vacation visiting with family, joining his older cousins and Gram for an Easter Brunch…IMG_4879

…and hanging around the house and garden with his younger cousins, Sarah and Margot:


They ran around inside and outside, played on the playground, cooked lots of pretend soups and desserts, drew and colored space scenes, and, well, fought over toys. Finn isn’t always good at sharing, but he did read to them very maturely from one of his new favorites, a book about the robot WALL-E:

Finn reads to his cousins from Sarah on Vimeo.

Other important jobs over break included helping Daddy to plant green bean seeds in the vegetable garden…


and directing us to Legoland by drawing us a map as we drove:


At Legoland, although he refused to go on rides, Finn enjoyed exploring a giant “treehouse”…


…and traveling around to various Lego cities in “Miniland,” including NYC, Vegas, D.C., and cool spots not far from us, like South Beach…

Legoland Miami! Feels like home!

…Key West, …


…and a place he’s been asking to visit (it’ll be our next trip, so shhhhhh!), Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center:

Finn's dream come true: the Space Shuttle AND Legos at the same time! IMG_4713

He also had a blast building and testing out a Lego car he made (and crashed) himself:


Still, much to our dismay, he claimed his favorite part of the trip was the ice cream (What? We drove three-and-a-half hours for ice cream?):


Back at home, we had even more fun, decorating and dyeing eggs…


and hunting for more eggs in the back yard:

Egg hunt in the back yard!

After Finn had found his eggs and eaten the treats inside, he wanted to hide some for us. So he told us to wait on the patio while he prepared his own egg-hunt. We found eggs with messages inside, words he had sounded out and written himself: “I (heart) you,” and “grat gob” (great job). I’ve never enjoyed a misspelling so much: it was one of the sweetest mistakes I’ve seen.

After Finn found his eggs and treats, he wanted to hide some for us. He told us to wait in the other room while he filled and hid them. We opened them and discovered notes he wrote himself: "I (heart) you" and "grat (great) job."

Sometimes imperfections make things so much better. But I’m not sure that rule applies to family photos. One day we’ll get a good one…


But Spring Break was good — even though it went by much, much too quickly.