the ring bearer

Finn: by evanrphotography

(picture courtesy of evanR Photography)

It’s just about summertime, and I have yet to post pictures of Finn as ring bearer last winter. He was in TWO weddings: one of my brothers married at the end of December and my youngest sister at the beginning of January. Although the bow-tie I ordered online didn’t arrive in time, Finn still rocked his little suit and looked adorable alongside his cousins Margot and Sarah, the lovely little flower girls. Here are some belated photos.

It took us months to convince Finn that he was going to wear a tie and perform an important role in front of so many people, so I was concerned about what he would actually do when the time arrived. At the first wedding, as we all waited nervously for everything to begin, Finn was surprisingly relaxed:


Once it was time to act as ring bearer, I think he was a bit more tentative about “walking down the aisle” — even though it was just across my brother’s patio.


(photo courtesy of David Samoya)

But Margot and Sarah confidently led the way…


(above photo courtesy of BN Harker Photography)

…and then it was Finn’s turn:


(above photo courtesy of BN Harker Photography)

He delivered the precious ring on cue, although after he securely handed it to the groom, my brother Alex almost dropped it in between the planks of his new deck! Luckily, it missed the gap, and all went well for the beautiful newlyweds!

Alex, Jenn, and the kids

After the ceremony, we danced the night away. Finn even did the robot:


(above photo courtesy of BN Harker Photography)

One week later at my sister Ilianna’s wedding, he was an expert — quite confident, in fact:

Margot and Finn: by evanrphotography

(above photo courtesy of evanB Photography)

It may have helped that the wedding was at our home, and that despite the fact that Finn was watched by around 100 people, he was still just trekking through his own backyard:

the ringbearer walks: by evanrphotography

(above photo courtesy of evanB Photography)

It was a lovely ceremony and beautiful evening, and the bride and groom were gorgeous:

posing with the newlyweds: by evanrphotography

(above photo courtesy of evanB Photography)

We ate, socialized, and danced, of course; this time, Finn departed from the robot and tried a little John Travolta instead:

Finn does Travolta by evanBphotography(above photo courtesy of evanB Photography)

Finn was up WAY past his bedtime, however, and soon he became, well… a little less fun. As the grown-ups delivered and listened to speeches, and laughed and clapped, Finn alternated between sluggishness and sassiness:

listening to speeches: by evanrphotography

getting tired and cranky: by evanrphotography

(above photos courtesy of evanB Photography)

But one of his goals was to blow out candles at the end of the night, so as guests said their goodbyes, we indulged him:

Finn blows out candles at Ili and Brian's wedding

Then we walked him up the lawn, through the back doors of the house, and into his room, where I barely had time to remove his clothes before the ring bearer himself was out.