Autumn weekend in Connecticut

So a couple of weeks ago we left South Florida to experience a real Autumn:

— the kind with trees so intensely red and orange that they put you in a kind of trance…

Finn, Greyson, and Marlowe

…the kind with so many crunchy leaves that they can be piled up high enough to hide in,

Leaves, leaves, leaves! Nature's toys.


…the kind where you can wear a full-body orca costume for Halloween and not overheat,

My little orca takes a walk in the woods

…the kind with a chill in the air that warrants actual sweaters…


…and even coats,


…the kind where you sit around a real fire pit roasting marshmallows and singing Beatles songs until way past bedtime:


Now that we’re home again, we’re back to bed on time, back to our very green trees and short sleeves. But Finn knows now what Autumn means.

And I have a feeling we’ll be making s’mores again late one night sometime very soon, even if it’s just in the upper sixties.


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