Getting Into Soccer

I’ve heard Finn identify himself as a “bookworm” and tell people he’s “into science.” Although I absolutely love hearing those things, I also want him to be well rounded and physically active, of course. Since soccer was a big part of Keith’s youth, we always planned on putting him on a team pretty early, but for some reason we didn’t until he turned five. At first, while kids with experience were aggressively chasing the ball, Finn was chasing butterflies or running off the field to tell me that he spotted stratus clouds in the sky. He was just NOT into that ball. But he loved being on “Team Dino” with Daddy as a coach, he loved the snacks, and he loved running through the “parent tunnel” we made with arched arms at the end of each game.

Then one day some of the dominant players were absent for a game, and with more opportunities to kick the ball, Finn scored his first goal. Suddenly, he was more focused on the action and more interested in practicing his footwork. Suddenly, he became more than just part of a team: he became a player.

These days, Finn is still very into books and crazy-into dinosaurs and fossils. But he’s also watching the World Cup with Daddy and kicking the ball around in the park just for fun.

Finn is finally “into soccer.”