Finn’s year 5 to 6 video: my New Year’s resolution done! (for once)

The holidays came and went, with cute dinosaurs in pilgrim hats…

Happy Thanksgiving from me, Finn, and, of course, a dinosaur in a Pilgrim hat.

a cute pair of antlers…

Got to volunteer in Finn's kindergarten classroom today! I never thought I'd be the kind of mom who loves stuff like this... but it's so much fun.

…and lots of cute cousins not always willing to sit still for photos:

Cousins in front of the tree...

...and here's tree number two, completely decorated by the kids

Finn and his older cousins celebrate Christmas Eve

@sunshinephelps My attempt to get the kids and Mom in a nice photo together was an utter failure. The kids were too distracted... But they enjoyed themselves and Christmas dinner was absolutely delicious! Thank you for making my favorite dishes!

The New Year passed, with more visits, gifts, and food — and without any New Year’s resolutions. Except for one. One small, short-term promise to myself. I promised I’d finally put together Finn’s year 5 to 6 video, which I had not been able to finish before his birthday.

So although I’ll sure TRY to use the treadmill, get back into yoga, study photography, and do some writing, I won’t have to say “I’m gonna” with Finn’s video. I may be three months late, but I have to say that this is the best I’ve done with any New Year’s resolution, EVER. It’s only the first week of January, and it’s already done!