Goodbye Spring!

The days are already long and lazy and hot, the summer solstice just over a week away, and I have yet to document any of this past spring! As a matter of fact, I haven’t posted a single thing since January. But that doesn’t mean that the last four months haven’t been so full of life,

…from vegetables in the garden…

Planting more carrot seeds #backyardgardenPicked our last carrots so we can plant some more! #backyardgarden

Kale and carrots: backyard to table!

…to the first blooms on our beautiful jade vine:After two years of waiting and care, Keith's jade vine finally bloomed today. #nofilter #backyardgarden #jadevineThe spectacular jade vine's blooms turn from bluish-green to bluish-purple right before they fall from the plant. #backyardgarden #jadevine

Zoning out under the jade vine as the sun goes down...

We saw lots of life in the animal world too, as we released ladybugs for Sarah and Margot’s fifth birthday,…

We had so much fun celebrating the girls today! The ladybugs were a hit. @sunshinephelps

Snuggly ladybug

…inspected the bioluminescent tropical click bugs that visit us every May,…

The bioluminescent tropical click bug: our visitor -- en masse -- every May.

…and, quite momentously, gained our first family pets, Hopster (from top moving clockwise), Vera, and Janie:


Finn gets in a little bonding time with Hopster, Vera, and Janie, the newest additions to our family.

Loving the chick

A boy and his chicken

Finn's enjoying some special time with Janie, who essentially had her stomach pumped at the vet yesterday. Poor little thing seems much better today; hopefully her medicine, a restricted diet, and some love and care will help her to recover!

We visited some larger animals from a bit more of a distance at Zoo Miami, some of them real…


…and others a little more — well — prehistoric:

IMG_8525 IMG_8493

We got close to quite a few real alligators on a trip to Shark Valley in the Everglades…



…and maybe tried to be a little too snuggly with this guy:

Finn's failed attempt to make friends with a sunning Anhinga

But most importantly, we got close to those who matter most:



My beautiful sister and nieces! Love you @sunshinephelps

Cousins: Finn and Oliver (who just turned two!)


Celebrating Mom

Celebrating Mother's Day with my heart of hearts...


One thought on “Goodbye Spring!

  1. Since I can’t be with you in person, this is a great way to catch up in what you are all up to. What a handsome/ beautiful family. Much love.

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